Press Release - Onesia Inc - December 2008

Onesia’s photo-realistic real time solutions for design and visualization move across the Atlantic!

In September 2008, Onesia’s American subsidiary was created, building on the success met by the company at the WWDC meeting, organized by Apple last June in San Francisco, California.

David Biau, co-founder and director of Onesia at this time relates: « Participating in this conference has allowed us, not only to measure all the potential of the US market, but also to meet people who showed great interest in creating a subsidiary office and distributing our products. Christian Pineau and JD Savelli, respectively Chairman and VP Sales & Marketing, are in charge of the project and will be the ambassadors of Orealia software solution to American CAD and design stakeholders ».

Onesia Inc, a subsidiary of Onesia, is based in Los Gatos, California, located in the cradle of Information Technology, the Silicon Valley. It is headed by a board of advisors made up of 4 people, including Jon Peddie, chairman of Jon Peddie Research, a multimedia and CAD development consulting firm.

As in France, Onesia’s targets in the US are companies for whom it is essential to have instantaneous results while working on the esthetics, the design and the materials of a product. Designers as well as marketing, sales and communication departments are our first customers.

Says David Biau: « We were impressed by the maturity of the American market. Industrialists are very well aware of what photo-realistic real time software solutions can offer them. The use of 3D CAD is common and switching to digital models seems to be the natural thing to do. Moreover, the publishers of CAD solutions we are interested in working with are mostly American. Having an office in the US allows us to be in close contact with the realities and the stakeholders of this market ».

Since its creation, Onesia Inc has contacted a number of publishers of design and CAD software, and is studying a possible collaboration with some of them to offer 3D bundles that would provide interactive photo-realistic restitution. Furthermore, our office relies on a specialized distribution network that is aimed at all those who wish to use a 3D virtual prototype to save time and be more efficient. Novedge, one of the most renowned retailers of design software has shown interest in Orealia and has recently signed a contract to distribute the products of Onesia Inc.

David Biau concludes: « Our recent contacts have given us confidence when it comes to deploying our Orealia software solution onto the American market. Many industrialists, manufacturers, equipment makers, as well as many independent design studios are ready to invest into a solution that would allow them to visualize various shapes, textures or ambient easily and interactively, thus being able to study various ranges of products prior to launching a project. They are already convinced of the savings resulting from not using physical prototypes and of the positive feedback they can obtain from their customers when these are shown a model that is alive, scripted in real time and in a photo-realistic environment »

For more information on Onesia go to:
Founded in 2004, Onesia develops software solutions to enable companies to use 3D virtual prototyping faster and more efficiently to design, present and sell their products. Onesia developed the Orealia software solution to create and interact in real time with 3D environments using photorealistic renderings. The Orealia range targets professions that require the ultimate in visual quality: industrial design, institutional communication, sales support, interactive training, architecture...
Contact Onesia : David Biau  -  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   -  +33 (0)5 34 42 19 86

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