Press Release - New offer for Orealia - January 2009

Onesia releases a new offer for Orealia™, its photo-realistic real time software, and announces participation in the Imagina trade show, where the main innovations of its new version will be presented for the first time.

Three ranges of products are now available to meet varying customer needs: Pro, Premium and Designer.

Real Time Global IlluminationOrealia|PRO meets the needs of very small-size companies or freelance designers who work on 3D models, including large size models in real time, and generate images or videos.
Orealia|PREMIUM offers small-size companies an easily shared interactive real-time tool designed to quickly and easily present and validate virtual mock ups. To use the software in share mode, Orealia Premium integrates such features as managing modifications made to geometries by the different users, as well as fast generating of executables.

These two first solutions are available online, along with upgrade software to move from the Pro version to Premium.

Orealia|DESIGNER is the full package deal designed for larger companies. It allows you to obtain and share innovative renderings in real time. You work from a native or neutral 3D model taken from CAD. The software provides designers, marketing and communication managers with shared access to interactive digital mockups™, resulting in many advantages:

- Facilitates discussion on issues such as style and esthetics.
- Enables analysis of all presets and environment settings thanks to the rich libraries of textures, materials and environments.
- Exceptional quality 3D reproduction of real life materials without long computation time, thanks to Onesia’s BTF technology (Bidirectional Texture Function).
- Ready access to certain 2D elements indispensable for measurements or preparing estimates.

Onesia will be on hand at Imagina trade show (booth B8) to unveil the extent of its developments. David Biau, cofounder and manager of Onesia says: “The challenge lies in gaining even more realism without asking the users to wait several minutes before obtaining a result. Our intention is to offer a complete product that is not too complicated to use, nor too consuming in terms of computation time, and facilitates reusability for future client applications”.

Among the new developments to be presented is the integration of advanced unfolding features of the 3D model with continuity between surfaces. These features make it possible to apply flat textures and obtain improved rendering quality.

Onesia will also present new features of real time global lighting that offer more realism than ever, especially for indoor scenes, thanks to BTF innovative technology, which allows you to faithfully reproduce the appearance of real materials in 3D. This solution was chosen among other innovations by the trade show organizers to present at round tables during the show. The stakes and prospects of this solution will be unveiled on Wednesday February 4, 2009 in the Imagina Industrie digital mockup session. There are many applications for this solution: Industrialists in the fields of nautical construction, automobile, aeronautics and home supplies are particularly interested, as well as watch making and jewelry where designers are familiar with the problem of effects created by shiny, precious materials.

Onesia’s new range of products and prices offer a competitive advantage to better respond to the needs of a market that is more and more in tune with the advantages of the interactive digital mockup™.

More about Onesia:
Founded in 2004, Onesia is a company that develops software solutions to empower other companies to design, display and market their products faster and more effectively by using virtual prototypes. Onesia has developed the Orealia software solution so that you can create and interact in 3D environments in real time, with photo-realistic rendering. The Orealia range is aimed at professions where display quality is essential: industrial design, institutional communication, sales support, interactive training, architecture...
Thanks to a strong R&D dynamics and to its partnerships with world renowned research labs, Onesia is among the state of the art companies in its field.
Contact Onesia : David Biau  -  david.biau@onesia . fr  -  +33 (0)5 34 42 19 86

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