Presse Release - Orealia 2.0 at Laval Virtual - April 2009

Onesia unveils Orealia™ 2.0 at Laval Virtual

In this upgraded version, Orealia|DESIGNER combines exact grasping of materials with a high performance solution of physically realistic real-time 3D rendering.

Onesia, an innovative company specialized in real-time 3D visualization, announces its participation at the Laval Virtual trade show, which will take place in Laval (Mayenne, France) on 22-26 April 2009. Onesia will be located at booth M1-M2. Onesia’s participation at Imagina show last February did not go unnoticed.
During this 11th International Meeting of Virtual Reality, the Toulouse-based company will unveil the 2.0 version of its Orealia real-time 3D solution.
The solution is available in three versions, with a price range that can fit any budget and requirements:

- Orealia|PRO is designed primarily for very small companies or freelance designers, who wish to work on 3D models, even large ones, in real-time, and generate images or videos.
- Orealia|PREMIUM offers small companies a collaborative real-time interactive platform, designed to quickly present and easily validate a virtual mock-up.
- Orealia|DESIGNER is designed for major accounts. It allows you to obtain and share innovative renderings in real time. It builds on 3D models made with CAD, native or neutral, and it gives designers and marketing and communication directors, access to common bases of interactive digital mock-ups.


Exclusive integration technology of real materials

Although Orealia|DESIGNER, like other real-time 3D solutions, takes into account traditional virtual textures, it cannot be compared with the other solutions. Indeed, the Orealia|DESIGNER’s user can rely on faithful representations of materials obtained by using captures of real samples: painted car body, fabric, special coatings, etc...

Made from thousands of photographic shots, this data capture provides Orealia|DESIGNER with a materials database, which can then be put to use thanks to the BTF technology (Bidirectionnal Texture Function) developed by Onesia. With this technology, the behavior of materials, depending on the lighting and orientation, is strikingly realistic, without any comparison with the results obtained from traditional virtual textures. This quality does not affect the flow of movements.

Designed for the most demanding design departments, Orealia|DESIGNER is the first software to offer such technology in real time.

It is also possible to instantaneously modify some of these materials’ parameters in order for the customer or the user to evaluate the impacts of these modifications on the actual perception of the product or project.

In order to take full advantage of the materials’ specific data, Orealia’s engine also integrates a global lighting technique in its 2.0 version, which enables the user to take into account the impact of the colors of lit materials on the rest of the environment. Thus Orealia offers the best software’s rendering quality, all in real-time!

Lastly, this new version includes a new unfold surface technique (patterns) used for optimal texture platingmal des textures.

For David BIAU, co-founder and director of Onesia, it is obvious why his company should be present at Laval Virtual, in view of the reputation of the event and of the very diverse publics who will be present:  « From independent designers to large companies’ design departments, all the potential user profiles of our product range will be represented at this very important event, as well as all the fields. Laval Virtual will give us the opportunity to display the last advances of our new version and to show how it compares to the competition. We will also demonstrate that state-of-the-art technology can go hand in hand with user-friendliness ».

Orealia 2.0 will be available next summer.

More about Onesia:
Founded in 2004, Onesia is a company that develops software solutions to empower other companies to design, display and market their products faster and more effectively by using virtual prototypes. Onesia has developed the Orealia software solution so that you can create and interact in 3D environments in real time, with photo-realistic rendering. The Orealia range is aimed at professions where display quality is essential: industrial design, institutional communication, sales support, interactive training, architecture...
Thanks to a strong R&D dynamics and to its partnerships with world renowned research labs, Onesia is among the state of the art companies in its field.
Contact Onesia : David Biau  -  david.biau@onesia . fr  -  +33 (0)5 34 42 19 86

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