Press Release - IMA Solutions - May 2008

APPLE highlights the cooperation between ONESIA and IMA Solutions in unraveling the mysteries of Seramon’s mummy

Apple’s website is featuring an article describing the cooperation between ONESIA and IMA Solutions. It highlights both the performance and compatibility of ONESIA’s solution with the MAC platform within the context of a scientific application. You can read the article on the following website:

IMA Solutions, a company who specializes in tomographic and laser 3D data acquisition and analysis in the medical and museography fields, used OREALIA’ s real time 3D photo-realistic visualization solution to study and analyze Seramon’s mummy, which is displayed at Besançon’s Museum of Fines Arts and Archeology.
Seramon, former priest of Thebes, has lain in state in the French Museum since 1851. The scan revealed several protective amulets that had been placed inside the mummy 3000 years ago. Seramon’s mummy remains intact and undisturbed.

IMA Solutions studied the mummy by scanning it completely in order to discover its various parts. Following this operation, OREALIA’s solution, developed by Onesia helped reveal and visualize in real time several amulets including the 3 Sons of Horus, protective deities of the of the organs of the deceased person (see image above).

According to Benjamin Moreno, Co-founder of IMA Solutions, « the amulets were exported as high-definition object (...) in stereolithography (.stl) file format to Orealia|DESIGNER, an innovative, photorealistic 3D real-time rendering engine from Onesia, a company not far from our facilities in Toulouse. Orealia|DESIGNER let us create the highly realistic textures you see. It also enabled us to manipulate hi-res images in real time, comparing colors and textures on the same screen and flying around the amulets interactively. We never had to wait for rendering. »

This experience has revealed many fields of application for OREALIA’s real time 3D photo-realistic design and visualization solution. IMA Solutions thus benefited for the first time from this software, which allowed them to explore and visualize in real time the objects inside the mummy without damaging it.

This project has given birth to a new cooperation between the two companies that hope it will be long lasting as they already have plans to continue working together on future projects that IMA Solutions has in store, using the Orealia software suite.

About ONESIA :
Founded in 2004, Onesia is a company that develops software solutions to empower other companies to design, display and market their products faster and more effectively by using virtual prototypes. Onesia has developed the Orealia software solution so that you can create and interact in 3D environments in real-time, with photo-realistic rendering. The Orealia range is aimed at professions where display quality is essential: industrial design, institutional communication, sales support, interactive training, architecture...
Contact Onesia : David Biau - david.biau@onesia . fr - +33 (0)5 34 42 19 86

About IMA Solutions :
IMA Solutions, based in Toulouse, France, specializes in tomographic and laser 3D data acquisition and analysis, as well as  high-definition 3D contents and media creation.
Contact IMA Solutions : Benjamin Moreno - contact@ima-solutions . fr - +33 (0)6 75 76 15 67

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