Press Release - Datakit - April 2008

Onesia has selected Datakit to supply its solutions for tessellation and to read files in native Catia V5, Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks formats and IGES and STEP neutral formats.

Onesia is a young company based in Toulouse in south-west France. It develops and markets innovative solutions for 3D design and photorealistic real-time 3D product viewing.

Its targets are professions that require the ultimate in visual quality:

  • designers working on 3D models who want to test, analyze and validate different shapes, materials, textures or ambiences in real time with instant photorealistic rendering;
  • marketing or communication departments working on product ranges with interactive scene presentations for use in design reviews and simulated, pre-production demos;
  • sales forces using targeted, interactive customer presentations of different product configurations in complete 3D environments.

To expand its offering into different markets such as, for example, own-brand manufacturers or first-tier suppliers, the company Onesia chose Datakit to complete its tools for importing 3D models.

For David Biau, CEO, Datakit’s solutions offer the advantage of direct integration, with no intermediary stages and no risk of obstacles or other factors liable to slow down data processing. He explains: "the key to our successful real-time realistic rendering is constant optimization of calculations and processing, in both our own software and the Datakit components. With Datakit’s solutions we get the geometry, the solids or tesselated surfaces with the names, attributes and hierarchies. Datakit’s method for cutting up entities makes it easy for us to associate certain entities with each other to form groups. For example, this saves us the trouble of assigning the same material several times. We simply start from the layers; the selected elements immediately get the rendering quality we are looking for". In terms of speed and processing, the results are very satisfactory.

Datakit and Onesia see their collaboration as a veritable partnership and not just a classic customer / supplier relationship. This makes it quicker to develop converters. The team at Datakit, which does 70% of its business on the export market, is delighted to be working with another French company with an ambitious project and an innovative product.

Onesia goes international. Building on its success at home, Onesia is working on opening a branch in the United States by the end of 2008.

For more information on Onesia go to:
Founded in 2004, Onesia develops software solutions to enable companies to use 3D virtual prototyping faster and more efficiently to design, present and sell their products.
Onesia developed the Orealia software solution to create and interact in real time with 3D environments using photorealistic renderings. The Orealia range targets professions that require the ultimate in visual quality: industrial design, institutional communication, sales support, interactive training, architecture, etc...
With its committed in-house R&D policy and partnerships with internationally reputed research laboratories, Onesia is at the cutting edge in its field.
Contact Onesia : David Biau  -  david.biau@onesia . fr  -  +33 (0)5 34 42 19 86

For more information on Datakit go to:
Datakit is a privately-owned company specialised in CAD Data Exchanges and services founded in 1994 by Francis Cadin. Its very core target is even more the software companies, however, the translators are sold in different countries by a growing network of resellers or on line. Its clearly identified strategy lies on 3 major axis: international focus, close relationships with software editors, multiple fields of targeting.
Contact Datakit : Francis Cadin  -  fcadin@datakit . com  -  +33 (0)4 78 39 63 69

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