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With your product’s digital prototype, your sales support tools become more flexible and their performance enhanced. With your products becoming more and more complex and your customers more demanding, your sales organization needs to be ever more efficient. Using a digital prototype allows you to train your sales teams to talk about a product even before manufacturing it.

With its real-time configuration tool, Orealia offers your customers the chance to visualize all the existing configurations of your products at any stage of their design or manufacturing. This allows your customers to imagine the products in the environment in which they will eventually be used, thus preventing possible disappointments after the product is delivered and installed.

Configuration tools based on the Orealia suite allow you to improve in many respects, such as:

  • saving time by visualizing products before manufacturing
  • enhancing relevance by helping your customers to make choices within your product range in real-time, in the final environment and in a totally interactive manner
  • improved satisfaction by allowing your customers to be involved in making their future product
  • improved efficiency by complementing your existing tools (printed brochures...)
  • improved image by offering something more than your competitors
  • saving money by shortening your products marketing cycle

The Orealia software suite is:

  • a turnkey solution: you don’t need to parametrize or program anything
  • easy to deploy: one simple execute file to install on each user’s computer
  • designed with your salespeople in mind: easy to handle, user-friendly
  • adapted to your products: with your input, our teams create a customized solution corresponding to your specific needs

To summarize:

  • Interactive configuration and manipulation of product
  • Innovative presentation tools to improve sales process, for example for the general public


The product configuration tools based on Orealia allow you to:

  • introduce your products in a life-like photo-realistic environment
  • inlay your products (swimming-pool, shed, gate, house, etc.) on a standard picture or a photo from your customer
  • draw up the different product ranges in real-time right in front of your customers
  • customize an area: house, stand, store, office, boat, etc...

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