Onesia is a company that empowers other companies to design, display and market their products faster and more effectively by using virtual prototypes.

Founded in 2004, Onesia is an innovative company spearheading a true revolution in 3D rendering and virtual reality through high visual quality. Thanks to its extensive in-house R&D effort and its partnerships with high-level research labs (CNRS - IRIT), Onesia is at the cutting edge in its field.

Onesia has developed the Orealia software solution so that you can create and interact in 3D environments in real-time, with photo-realistic rendering. The Orealia range is aimed at professions where display quality is essential: industrial design, institutional communication, sales support, interactive training, architecture...


In addition to the Orealia software, Onesia offers a range of services, from developing specific applications to providing training on the software suite.

Onesia is based in Toulouse (a major European aerospace hub) in southwestern France.

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