R&D Effort

Onesia technology is supported by an extensive R&D effort that keeps the Orealia platform on the cutting edge thanks to on-going collaboration with public laboratories and private research companies. This maintains Onesia’s position as a state-of-the-art source for real-time photorealistic 3D rendering software.

Onesia places special research emphasis on lighting simulation and accurate shadow computation, realistic optical characterisation of physical materials and building in vital natural phenomena like reflections, surface finish, light atmospheres, etc. The company’s research effort contributes to improve the Orealia range and allows the software to produce impressively realistic rendering in real-time. Some of Onesia’s latest research areas include:

  • Developing BRDF/BTF acquisition and modelling algorithms
  • Optimising soft shadow generation methods
  • High-dynamics lighting based on panoramic images
  • Secondary light reflection/ambient lighting processing (cf image)

Interested in getting a comprehensive state-of-the-art overview, a technology progress report or a round-up of the very best methods in the 3D field ?

Thanks to its experience in the industry, Onesia is able to support your ventures in this direction. In fact, Onesia conducts a technology watch on a permanent basis in these areas and compiles a revealing report on the state of the art, its strengths and weaknesses, scope and applicability.

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