Designed for non-technical users lets you view and edit your scenes interactively and then participate in predefined interactive scripts based on 3D content developed with the  module.

The interactive scenarios are automatically triggered by a mouse-over near the objects or by clicking on them. Several browsing modes (viewing a specific area or exploring randomly) allow the user to take control of the application and see all facets of the virtual mock-up under various conditions.


Via an easy-to-use, intuitive interface based on icons, you can:

                                • Capture and save shots of objects or positions in 3D scenes
                                • Present presets of objects to your customers (product range, colors, textures, etc.)
                                • Modify scene parameters in real-time to meet your customers’ preferences (materials, colors, ambient, etc.)
                                • Output images and videos to illustrate proposals prepared by your sales personnel in the field
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