This module offers development libraries (written exclusively in C++) allowing you to seamlessly build innovative Orealia technology into third party applications. It is packaged with comprehensive HTML documentation, the API, and a developers’ manual describing the key concepts of the technology.

is available for Windows (MS Visual Studio or MinGW) and Linux (Automake/GCC). It also runs on various display systems: classic windowing systems (Win32, GLX, Qt), stereoscopic devices, image walls, etc. Its open, flexible architecture means it adapts easily to your own special needs.

Because  is developed with ease of use in mind to facilitate integration, the API offers:

      • Centralised hierarchical scene structure (in which all objects are accessible)
      • A unified interface to access object properties (nodes, materials, animation, etc.)
      • A universal animation system (all object properties can be animated if required)
      • Advanced communication mechanisms between software components (signal/slot type)
      • Independent I/O interfaces for each type of object
      • Reusable interface components for developing interaction applications fast



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