Design and 3D photo-realistic real-time visualization of your products

 is THE solution to meet the needs of your product design with 3D visualization and scripting. It includes the most efficient and advanced tools available to produce photo-realistic rendering in real-time, necessary to work on the appearance, the presets or the animation of your models.

By communicating directly with the main CAD software (Catia, Pro/E, SolidWorks...),  allows you to import your native geometric shapes and be operational very quickly.

After the results have been validated by your teams, and thanks to easy-to-use deploy tools, you can perform the following tasks: instantaneously save very large pictures with the option to print, publish videos in various formats, illustrate a web site, generate and distribute a stand-alone 3D application or allow your marketing and sales teams to be independent in using the result via the module  .


Complementary functions of Orealia|DESIGNER and Orealia|VIEWER

The work process using and  :

   With  installed in your research department, your designers or engineers can design, visualize and validate the shapes and the appearance of your products.

   Thanks to your output can be deployed and transferred seamlessly to the  module.

   - By using , the marketing department can then study and evaluate the different product ranges and possible presets from different viewpoints
         - Running on your field team’s laptops, lets them interactively present and configure your product ranges on customers’ premises, thus helping them make the right choice.


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