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Interactivity provides improved decision making and earlier communication

Orealia lets you visualize the design in precise and realistic 3D so that you can make important decisions during the design and marketing phases. This decision making process is made easier because you can create realistic contents from native CAD 3D designs in order to evaluate multiple design variations but also study and validate different communication methods.

By using digital models in Orealia, you can make it easier for your customers to validate the design of your products. This also allows for real-time brainstorming between co-workers and partners when it comes to validating your design proposals.

Our innovative technology provides you with a high-resolution, real-time, photo realistic display, which allows you to move interactively inside your product models in a smooth and flowing manner.

The different presentation tools will help the communication department to present their products using a variety of approaches. To this end, Orealia gives you the option to use different materials or shapes of your products during your presentations and display the various presets with a simple click on the icons.
Our software gives you photo-realistic visual fidelity for presenting materials along with ambient lighting so as to maximize the perceived product quality. Because you can interact in real-time with your products’ digital models, you can explore new options of communication.

To summarize:

  • Easier decision making when reviewing the design and validation of marketing choices
  • Developing new communication vectors to maximize perceived product quality
  • Widening your scope of communication with high-quality, stand-alone, interactive and original media


  • Orealia|VIEWER
  • Orealia|DESIGNER
  • Complementary modules: Orealia|CONNECT and Orealia|LIBRARY

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