Q.  What is OREALIA?

R. DDeveloped by Onesia, Orealia is a complete range of innovative software made for designing, presenting and selling your products. Orealia is a true technology milestone that brings you excellent image quality for real-time, photo-realistic viewing of your models or 3D environments.
Using models taken from CAD, computer graphics or scanned models, you can easily and quickly work on the design, the appearance, the presets, and the interactive scenario of your products in real-time with photo-realistic results.
In turn, you deploy the result to your marketing, communication or sales departments so that they too can visualize or show your products interactively.

Q.  What is Orealia’s work process?

R. After importing native or neutral geometric shapes in , the user is independent in the design and creation of 3D scenes in real-time. No other external device is necessary. When the digital prototype is finished and validated, you can use its contents in various forms: videos, stand-alone executable applications or deployment in to visualize and present your products.

Q.  What hardware will I need?

R. No dedicated hardware is required. Orealia runs on desktop and laptop in the following environments:
  Windows XP/VISTA,    Linux and    Mac OS X in their 32 and 64 bits version.
However, you will need a relatively recent video card (Preferably no more than 3 years old) to use some features. For example, DirectX 9-compatible boards like NVidia GeForce 6 (or better), Quadro FX and ATI Radeon X1xxx (or better) are fine.
In order to check the compatibility of your equipment with our software, you can download a system configuration checker by clicking on the following link: Orealia|CHECK (Windows) - Orealia|CHECK (Mac)

Q.  What file types can I import?

R. With the module,  supports a large number of CAD or computer graphics import owner formats for real-time processing: CATIA V5, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, STEP, IGES, Lightwave...
Note : In its standard version, Orealia|DESIGNER comes with the following geometric import formats: OBJ, DXF, FBX, 3DS, COLLADA, VRML, X3D and STL
Orealia|CONNECT is sold as an option with the Designer module

Q.  Is Orealia sold with a materials library?

R. The module bundled with brings you an advanced preset materials and environments library which can be edited and used in the DESIGNER module (example: leather, wood, marble, fabric, chrome, plastic and many more).
In addition, you can create your own materials and save them in the library for subsequent use.

Q.  What skill level will I require?

R. Orealia is designed to put innovative, powerful technology at your fingertips through simple, intuitive tools.
The module is aimed at engineers, designers, and digital artists while is designed for all user groups.
Onesia provides two-day training courses for DESIGNER and a one-day VIEWER course to empower users to create and manipulate 3D scenes in the software on their own.

Q.  How can I obtain an evaluation version of the software?

R. You can download a trial version of software.

Q.  How do licenses work?

R. Onesia’s license policy reflects our desire to give our customers the greatest flexibility possible in the use of our software. To this end, Orealia licenses are individual and not linked to the computer on which they are installed. The profile range of our users includes travelers who sometimes need to use different computers. Our license system provides the flexibility they need simply and quickly.
We assign you a license number that activates the installation wherever you are and no matter what computer you use (an internet connection is required to activate the license).

Q.  What support is provided?

R. Technical support is provided Monday to Friday (not including holidays) from 9h AM to 07 PM (GMT +1 hour) by phone or email for customers with maintenance contracts. A reply is made within 48h following notification of an incident.

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