Design, analyze and validate your products with digital prototype

By making digital prototype, manufacturers can explore a product virtually even before manufacturing it. You can thus create, test, analyze and then validate the design. Digital prototype offer manufacturers the possibility to visualize their products in life-like settings and to lower the cost and time usually necessary to make real prototype.

From 3D design CAD data, Onesia tools allow designers to dress up their 3D models with materials and textures in real time with photo-realistic results by using different compare modes, interactive product scenarios or by creating and comparing presets.


By means of easy to share tools adapted to the different users, Orealia’s software range makes the link between the design, marketing, communication and sales teams. Thanks to this technology, manufacturers use less physical prototypes, thus cutting down on design costs and speeding up their overall process.



To summarize:

  • Fast interactive visual validation of digital prototype
  • Introducing CAD models in photo-realistic virtual environments
  • Easier exchange with marketing, communication and sales teams


  • Orealia|DESIGNER
  • Complementary modules: Orealia|CONNECT, Orealia|LIBRARY and
    Orealia|CAPTURE (BTF/BRDF)

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