Connectivity and faithful optimization of your models:

Thanks to the  module,  communicates directly with the main software and formats available on the market: Catia, Pro/E, SolidWorks, Rhino, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lightwave, dxf, obj, fbx, Collada etc.
A fast and high-performance tool allows for faithful optimization of your models in order to reduce the meshing.
Lastly, the update geometries feature allows you to re-import the model while saving the work created with our software. Thus a geometric model can evolve independently from the work carried out on its design and scripting. 

     Real-time photo-realistic rendering:

Our real-time photo-realistic rendering technology is a breakthrough that allows you to obtain excellent image quality to design and view your products. It offers you speed, flexibility and productivity savings during the phases of design, product range draw up and sales. Our various tools help you to be more responsive and efficient when sharing your work throughout your products’ lifecycle.


Photo-realistic look of materials and environments:

By means of innovative techniques,  allows you to see immediate results to adjustments made to the materials, shadows and photo environments. With a simple drag and drop from a library or your own creations, you can assign a material to each 3D object and change its settings at will. Compare tools allow you to analyze and share the various presets of a product before validating your options.
The simple interface lets you inlay your 3D models onto photos to show your products in a realistic setting. As well,  allows you to immerse a product in a photo-realistic environment in real time with different options of ambient and lighting. This allows you to test and analyze your digital prototypes with great flexibility in a variety of life-like conditions.

       Interactive scripting:

Combining independent object animation along with separate camera positions and aim points, the designer is allowed great freedom to explore and enhance the products in their virtual environment.
By animating all the elements in a scene with  (materials, lights, effects, objects, cameras and sounds) the designer is offered many different options.
Lastly, our interactivity control tool allows you to dissociate the animations so you can combine them or mix them and obtain a true scenario that you can then trigger interactively when exploring the 3D scene.

Producing digital and stand-alone supports:

 allows you to widely deploy and share scenes and/or its contents once they have been designed and validated. To this end, several tools are available, depending on what you want to do:

  • Outputting images (without any calculation time!) in various formats and sizes (from small to very large) that can be printed as you wish.
  • Outputting videos, either free style (each action performed in the software is captured) or predefined by a scenario, using Mpeg, Avi, QuickTime, or Flash as saving format, or a sequence of images that can be integrated into a video editing software.
  • Generating stand-alone executable applications that can be freely distributed and shared. Because they are easily interchanged, you can view the artwork without having to install any specific software.
  • Deploying to  offers, among other things, the possibility to visualize the different versions of a product, to trigger a scenario, to enjoy interactivity or to save view points in order to reproduce and animate them. All of this can be done without any advanced technical skills.

     More user-friendly than ever:

Compatibility with SpaceNavigator from 3D Connexion, which offers a natural and intuitive navigation system for 3D objects as well as 3D environments.
By controlling the standard mouse with one hand and SpaceNavigator with the other, you can move, pivot or zoom in on your 3D models at will.


Supported platforms

Based on an entirely multiplatform core, works on    Windows XP/VISTA,    Mac OS X and    Linux in their 32 and 64 bits version.


Simple and flexible license policy

Our aim is to offer the user greater flexibility in the use of our software.
To this end, the licenses of the Orealia suite are individual and not linked to the computer on which they are installed. We assign you a license number that activates the installation wherever you are and no matter what computer you use (an internet connection is required to activate the license).


New functionalities of the 1.5 version

Download the new features of the 1.5 version

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