The Orealia Range

Your solution for designing, presenting and selling your products

What is Orealia?

Developed out of Onesia, Orealia is a complete range of innovative software made for designing, presenting and selling your products. Using models taken from CAD, computer graphics or scanned models, you can easily and quickly work on the design, the look, the presets, and the interactive scenario of your products in real-time with photo-realistic results.
In turn, you deploy the result to your marketing, communication or sales departments so that they can visualize or show your products interactively.
The Orealia suite provides its users with savings in development costs by eliminating calculation phases related to each modification of its parameters. This broad access during the development stage both improves the final result and facilitates early approval by your customers.

To meet the different needs of all types of users, the Orealia software suite is made up of three main modules:

  • Orealia|DESIGNER was created for designers or computer graphics artists to easily and intuitively design and manipulate 3D environments and models in order to visualize them naturally and quickly with photo-realistic rendering. Interacting with contents in real-time allows you to validate and finalize the models and virtual mock-ups more efficiently.
  • Orealia|VIEWER was designed for salespeople, as well as communication and marketing managers to visualize and edit 3D contents interactively with the DESIGNER module.
  • Orealia|SDK was designed for developers to integrate Orealia’s innovative technology within third party software by means of development libraries written in C++.


Advantages for you

Several departments of the same company can use the Orealia software suite:

  • It allows the Design department to develop the look of the products in real-time, to analyze and validate both new shapes and approaches immediately.
  • It allows the Marketing department to carry out design reviews. In response to input from marketing directors, Orealia technology allows you to introduce CAD engineering 3D designs in interactive scenarios in real-time with photo-realistic rendering.
  • It allows the Communication department to begin discussion of the product early in the design phases.
  • It allows the Sales department to present the products before manufacturing. This allows for in-the-field adjustments to the appearance in response to customer input (depending on the existing range) or showing a sample of the product when visiting customers without having to carry the actual product sample, which is often impossible.


Why you’re going to prefer Orealia

   Fast learning curve (example files, courseware)

   All operations are performed interactively and in real-time for instantaneous results (this changes the user’s experience toward the design or visualization software completely)

   The results can be used beyond the research department by means of deploy tools

   New features added on a regular basis

   Modular, multi-platform designed to better respond to the needs of different users, regardless of their technical background


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